Taking card payments

With technology changing faster than ever, the last thing your business needs is to be stuck with an outdated, unsafe and impractical cash system. We provide your business with a state of the art machine, a bargain of a service provider deal as well as effective support around the clock that will create freedom and quicker payments guaranteed

Wired machines ideal for small shop owners who serve their customers at the counter

Portable card payment machine for the business owner on the move

Taking card payments over the phone

In a time where over the phone payments cannot be more relevant, the last thing you as a business owner want is to be limited by fear of embracing the new.

  • We provide you with the platform and skills
  • To securely make money over the phone
  • That will boost your revenue and satisfy your client

Taking credit card payments

Most people prefer paying with a credit card, so it is crucial for your business and payment options to be aligned in this way to prevent you from missing sales.

  • We offer all the expertise to help you develop insight about these systems to make sure your business will thrive on all fronts
  • And leave your customers looking for their next purchase with a smile

Taking card payments small business

With so many new start-ups popping up on a daily basis, it is paramount as a small business owner to do everything in your power to make your service or product as easily accessible and hassle free as possible.

  • We provide you with all the knowledge and equipment you’ll need to stand out among the rest as a resilient and adaptable competitor

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